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  • An enormous thank you goes out to Element Fitness in Shreveport, LA for use of their awesome facility!
  • A very special thanks goes out to Gold's Gym in Humble TX for use of their immaculate facility!


FLS/SGW by Daryl Maniscalco
     - Quality photographs and videos
- Flexible location/date scheduling
     - Very competitive rates (if you find
       more for less elsewhere, I'll match!

Saint Louis Area Special

     Athletes who compete in any bikini, fitness, physique or bodybuilding competition can take 50% off a photo session!  If you are ranked top 5, or have your Pro Card, ask about a free session! 

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  • New profile page - Marcie Lemieux
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  • Approved! - Photography license in LA
  • New Feature - Profiles (Ashley French)
  • New model - Cami Denne
  • New genre  - Couples (Brian & Abby)
  • New model - Keni Burgs (Natn'ly Ranked!)
  • New models - Annie/DaNeill/Chelcee
  • New model - Abby Marie
  • New models - Bri Prov/Chelsea/Ashley
  • New model - Bridgette Wolleat

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