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  • An enormous thank you goes out to Element Fitness in Shreveport, LA for use of their awesome facility!
  • A very special thanks goes out to Gold's Gym in Humble TX for use of their immaculate facility!

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     - Use of gyms or other fitness facilities

     - Active wear / workout clothing lines

     - Gym or home workout equipment

     - Supplements and nutrition



FLS/SGW by Daryl Maniscalco
     - Quality photographs and videos
     - Flexible location/date scheduling
     - Very competitive rates (if you find
       more for less elsewhere, I'll match!

Saint Louis Area Special

     Athletes who compete in any bikini, fitness, physique or bodybuilding competition can take 50% off a photo session!  If you are ranked top 5, or have your Pro Card, ask about a free session! 

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Whether it's highlighting a unique workout routine, training for competition, progression of results, or maybe you are in the best shape of your life, photography is a great way to hold onto what you have achieved.  Customized photos and videos capture in great detail the culmination of dedication and self discipline it takes to achieve results which become priceless in years to come when looking back with pride.  Schedule your shoot today!

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