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Aspiring Fitness Models

     I am now offering model and athlete profiling, 6 month progression snapshots, before & after snapshots, and photo/video services for trade (time for digitals)!  If you desire to enhance your portfolio, or if you wish to be featured on this website, please Contact me for details.  Note: Paid modeling assignments are possible, but only during periods of active sponsorship.

Athletes, Fitness Models, and Competitors

     If you are in the best shape of your life, or just started rigorous training for an upcoming competition and want to capture some progression shots, and you're suddenly in the market for a professional photographer who takes it up a notch, you're in luck! I am currently offering 50% off to select categories of athletes, fitness models, and competitors, so now is the time to get your very own personalized photos, videos, and profile page!  Please  contact me for details.

 Modeling Opportunities



     Sports athletes, fitness models, muscular men and women, fitness buffs, naturally muscular physiques, fitness/figure/bikini/physique competitors, body builders, weight lifters,  and more!



     Fitness photography, athlete profiling, training progression, before & after, muscle exhibition, workout photos and videos, fitness/figure/bikini routine demo, bodybuilding posing, and more!


Sponsorship/Ad Space Opportunities

  My Work - Fitness Lens Studio and Strong Girls World

Now Scouting Sponsors

     Expanding my portfolio and building a quality model base are ongoing efforts. Travel expenses, model fees, web space, camera equipment, etc, adds up fast.  The more sponsorship I receive, the more work I can do, and post.

Categories / Requesting Sponsorship For:

     - Use of gyms and other fitness facilities
     - Active wear / workout clothing lines
     - Gym or home workout equipment
     - Supplements and nutrition

What You Receive In Return:

     All sponsors will receive their business, company or brand name credits in all publications and copyright permissions for all production material associated with their product or funding. Sponsors who contribute $500 or more in funding or services/product representation will also receive advertising space on this website for a full year!

Background / Short Bio

     Greetings, I began my photography journey over 20 years ago when I was a young teenager.  I instantly fell in love with the art so I asked my parents for a camera.  With that, I started out by shooting landscapes via good old fashioned film & print.  When I turned 18 I decided it was time to get out on my own.  Like many young people, I found work so I could save up some money for college, get my education done and get back to the camera.  20 years later...well plans change.
     A few years ago, I realized a lot was changing.  People, society, the nation, the world...not to mention cameras, and just how fast digital photography tech was expanding.  Even though I was still working, I wanted to start getting acquainted with digital photography.  Right around the same time, the big fitness boom was in full swing, so I decided I would focus on the two together.  After applying a little of what my friends liked referring to as another "Daryl-ism", my Fitness Lens Studio and Strong Girls World concepts were born.

"Traditionally, fitness photography does not focus on the muscle, instead the muscle the model has compliments the shots. In recent years, people began developing their bodies with more lean muscle tone, and both men and women alike have taken notice.  The look, feel, energy, and attraction of this phenomenon has been the inspiration for my work which captures the pastime of fitness photography with the added art of focusing on the muscle as well. Strong IS Sexy...Strong Girls World.  Insane IS In...Fitness Lens."

     Whether it's highlighting a unique workout routine, training for competition, progression of results, or maybe you are in the best shape of your life.  Photography is a great way to hold onto what you have achieved.  Customized photos and videos capture in great detail the culmination of dedication and self discipline it takes to achieve those results.  These become priceless in years to come when looking back with pride.  Schedule your shoot today!


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