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Additional Costs/Fees:
1.  Refundable booking fees:  Booking fees are required in order to secure photographer. Booking fees will be refunded, in full, upon completion of shoot, unless client cancels or reschedules within 24 hours prior to booking. This applies to both client based shoots and paid modeling or trade work.
2.  Travel:  Client assumes all costs associated with travel (mileage, airfare, lodging) whether client wants photographer to travel to client or client wants to travel to photographer. Photographer currently based out of St Louis, MO (the STL area will not incur travel fees).
3.  Venue:  Client assumes all costs associated with venue of choice for both client and photographer (eg: Client wants shoot at a mainstream fitness event and there is a cover charge,  reservation fee, etc).
4.  Sales tax:  Rates and pricing do not include sales tax.  Applicable sales taxes will be added to final invoice.

Terms of Use for Services:
1.  Profile Page:  For clients whom opted for the "contact for future work" option on their profile page, FLS / SGW do not have any control over whom you may receive requests for contact from as your profile page is open to the world wide web without restriction.  By responding to a request for contact, you the client, release FLS, SGW, and Daryl Maniscalco from any and all liability that may result from such contact.  In other words, respond to requests for contact at your own risk!
2.  Before shooting can begin:  All assignments and rates are contingent on contract, consent, understanding and/or model release (permissions).
3.  Copyright:  Photographer reserves all rights to all sounds and images recorded and/or produced.  Sale of rights are available upon request and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

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