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Editing Services


Additional Costs/Fees:
1.  Refundable booking fees:  Booking fees are required in order to secure photographer. Booking fees will be refunded, in full, upon completion of shoot, unless client cancels or reschedules <24 hours prior to booking. This applies to both client based shoots and paid modeling or trade work.
2.  Travel:  Client assumes all costs associated with travel (mileage, airfare, lodging) whether client wants photographer to travel to client or client wants to travel to photographer. Photographer currently based out of St Louis, MO (the STL area will not incur travel fees).
3.  Venue:  Client assumes all costs associated with venue of choice for both client and photographer (eg: Client wants shoot at a mainstream fitness event and there is a cover charge,  reservation fee, etc).

4.  Sales tax:  Rates and pricing do not include sales tax.  Applicable sales tax will be added to final invoice.

Terms of Use for Services:
1.  Profile Page:  For clients whom opted for the "contact for future work" option on their profile page, FLS / SGW do not have any control over whom you may receive requests for contact from as your profile page is open to the world wide web without restriction.  By responding to a request for contact, you the client, release FLS, SGW, and Daryl Maniscalco from any and all liability that may result from such contact.  In other words, respond to requests for contact at your own risk!
2.  Before shooting can begin:  All assignments and rates are contingent on contract, consent, understanding and/or model release (permissions).

3.  Copyright:  Photographer reserves all rights to all sounds and images recorded and/or produced.  Sale of rights are available upon request and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Photo / Video Shooting / Profile


Services & Rates

Photo Shoot:  $99 Per Hour
Prorated rate of $99 per hour (on location, 1 hr minimum). Typical shoots last between one and two hours depending on locations, wardrobe changes, genres, etc. Pricing includes digital copies of all photos taken and 5 digital edits (client's choice) for every $99 spent. Additional edits available (see Photo Editing prices).

Editing Options:  Blemish removal, wrinkle removal, dental whitening/repair, eye blinger, dvd eye effect, skin smoothing, general or targeted color enhancement, body/facial shaping, image softening/ sharpening, image effect such as black & white or old time.

Video Shoot:  $99 Per Hour
Prorated rate of $99 per hour (on location, 1 hr minimum). Typical shoots last between one and two hours depending on locations, wardrobe changes, genres, etc. Pricing includes digital copies of all videos recorded and an edited digital video production of up to 3 minutes in length for every $99 spent. Additional production length available for $35 each minute).

Production Options:  Music*, voice/interview overlay, text, logo/ banner overlay, subtitles, credits, inserted still images, transitions.

*Subject to copyright - additional costs may be necessary in order to secure rights for music of choice.

Athlete / Model Profile Page:  $48

Details: Any client or model who produced (or will produce) photos and/or videos with FLS/SGW LC may receive their very own profile page featured on this website, compete with photos, videos, stats, measurements, career highlights, and certifications/accreditations.  Quoted pricing is good for the first/initial year (averages out to only $4 per month). Additional year(s) are available for only $24 p/yr (breaks down to only $2 per month)!

Profile Page Options:  In addition, you may also add links to other websites or webpages that you either own or are featured on, list your modeling or other work availability, contact for future work (FLS/SGWLC will not give out your personal info, instead this feature will prompt prospective producers to send you their contact info), before & after transformation, training progression (snapshots taken up to a 6 month period of time on a monthly or semimonthly basis with name, sport/title, and stats/measurements on each snapshot).

Ongoing Specials

Combo Photo/Video/Profile Special:  $99 Per Hour
Details:  Prorated rate of $99 per hour (on location, 2 hr minimum). Typical shoots last about 3 hours depending on locations, wardrobe changes, genre, etc. You may also receive a 1-year profile page!

Best Value!  Pricing includes DOUBLE the edits you would get above! Let's say you purchased photo & video shoots separately for one hour each. That would total $198 and you would get 5 edits and a 3 minute video production.  On the other hand, if you purchased a 2 hour combo shoot, it would cost the same $198, only you would get 10 edits and a 6 minute video production.  The extra 5 edits, 3 minutes of video, and 1-year profile page purchased separately are a $213 value, yours free with this combo deal!

Saint Louis Area Special

Details:  Athletes who compete in any fitness, physique or bodybuilding competition can take 50% off a Combo Photo, Video & Profile special!  If you are ranked top 5 in any category or have earned your Pro Card, ask about a free session!  Other categories of athletes may also qualify for a half off or free session, Contact me for details!

Photo Editing / Re-touch Prices

1-4 Photos:  $15 each
5-9 Photos:  $12 each

10+ Photos:  $10 each

Details:  Includes all editing services, as requested.

Blemish/Wrinkle Removal              Object/Spot Removal

Before                    After                       Before                     After

Skin Smoothing

Before                    After                       Before                     After

Crystal Eyes                                  Tiger Eyes

Before                     After                      Before                     After

Air Brush                                      Dental Whitening/Repair

Before                     After                      Before                    After

Body Shaping
Before                     After                      Before                    After

Color Enhancement                       Image Softening

Before                     After                      Before                    After

Black & White - Monochrome         Black & White - Old Time

Before                    After                       Before                     After